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4. Oktober 2017

ISIS, Refugees and Guns: How the West goes to war in the Middle East – and then blames Islam

Dr. Robert Fisk, Mittelostkorrespondent, The Independent, Beirut - Vortrag in englischer Sprache

Dr. Robert Fisk has been a Middle East Correspondent for 41 years, covering more than a dozen wars, winning national and international awards and writing two best-selling books on the region, “Pity the Nation” and “The Great War for Civilisation”.

Working first for The Times of London and then for The Independent, he lives in Beirut and sometimes calls himself an “Ottoman Correspondent”. His father was a soldier in the First World War and loved books – which had a profound influence on Dr. Fisk’s life. His PhD thesis at Trinity College, University of Dublin, was on Irish neutrality during the Second World War. He spends much of his time today reporting from the front lines of the Syrian war.